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Bias in the Mind of the Beholder (or the biased) February 20, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Politics.

Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars points out the conservative “answer” to Wikipedia, Conservapedia. The site is painted as an answer to Wikipedia’s bias. Of course in the minds of the founders of Conservapedia Wikipedia must be biased because it isn’t conservative. That’s the only reasoning I can see.



1. double-soup tuesday - February 21, 2007

Conservapedia is a horrible name.

By calling it this, conservatives may as well be wearing armbands with fasces embroidered on them.

They should have gone with something like “Truthopedia” or “Freepedia” or “Isupporthetroopsopedia”.

The thing about naming stuff is you’ve got to have the chutzpah to blatantly call something a name that it obviously is 180 degrees out from what it is. The best way to lie is to be so brazen that any thinking person would doubt the brazenness.

2. Jim Satterfield - February 21, 2007

Of course it’s a stupid name. It’s a stupid concept. The mindset seems to be that anyone who doesn’t agree with everything they believe must disagree due to bias. Since they’re biased we’ll create something just as biased, only in our direction. It’s also not even well done.

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