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What Makes for the Most Prejudice? February 20, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Politics.

I’ve thought that the attitude towards homosexuals that our society shows makes it seem like homophobia is the “acceptable” prejudice. A new Gallup poll on general groups and how they are viewed as presidential candidates shows another one. Of the general groups or people with certain characteristics such as Catholic, women, blacks, Jews, Mormons, men over 72 or homosexuals there was only one group that actually had fewer people willing to vote for them than those who would vote for them. It was atheists. Admittedly among conservatives only 36% would vote for a homosexual but even among moderates only 48% would vote for an atheist. Among conservatives atheists did even worse than homosexuals with only 29% of conservatives willing to vote for an atheist.

Does this tell us that religiously based prejudices trump all others? Take a look at the numbers to see what you think.



1. double-soup tuesday - February 21, 2007

If a 72-is a vegetable, and survivability or clarity of mind is in jeopardy, then the health care system is definitely taking the public for a ride.

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