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Tantrum March 25, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Cartoons I Can't Draw, Politics.
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I picture a group of people standing in a circle looking at something in the center. You read that they are saying things like “I shouldn’t say it but it’s so cute.”, “Aaawww. Angry little toddler.” and some are just trying to suppress laughter. Second paneĀ  shows a baby with Dubya’s face screwed up with anger as he screams “I don’t haveta. I don’t haveta do anything those meanies in Congress want me to!! Priv’ege. I got priv’ege!!!” as one of the crowd says “Isn’t little Nixon, Junior so cute when he tries to act Presidential?”.


Sssshhhh. Keep it quiet. Create plausible deniability. March 25, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Politics.
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The extremely conservative wing (Read insanely far to the right.) of American politics liked accusing the Clintons of dark and secretive doings. But what about their own side of the political spectrum doing things sneakily that aren’t as bad as what they accused the Clintons of but are still quite possibly illegal? Read about the Arlington Group and the 2008 elections at the Boston Globe.

A Typical Bush Policy March 4, 2007

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According to an internal Administration report the Bush policies on greenhouse gases are apparently going to be as effective as their Iraq strategy. According to BusinessWeek (as well as many other outlets) this report estimates that following current policies will result in a 19% increase in the emission of greenhouse gases.

The report claims that the decision to do anything more to slow emissions will be decided on “as the science justifies”. This is more than a bit disingenuous, as anyone who’s paid attention to the policies of this Administration realizes. They ignore science completely whenever it conflicts with their ideology. Expect that to continue to be their real policy.