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If She Meant It April 13, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Does Not Compute, Environment.

So I’m listening to NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday. They’re discussing how to reduce your carbon footprint. I’ve done a bit and have lots more to do in that area so I’m listening and feeling a bit sheepish. Then a woman comes on and talks about how she moved from an urban area in the Midwest to Alaska and was “trying to live the right kind of life” there. And it pops into my head to wonder what made her think she could do that in Alaska. Because if she wanted to reduce her carbon footprint the only way she could do that in Alaska was to live like the natives, not the typical Alaskan. Because living in Alaska means that unless you’re eating an old style native diet virtually all of your food is being shipped there. A normal modern diet meant you couldn’t “eat locally”. And if you’re going to stay comfortable you’re using a lot of fuel to heat your home for most of the year. Alaska and other places near the Arctic Circle are not places to have a low carbon footprint…and I really really hope we can figure out a way for it to stay that way.



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