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Is it a church or is it a… June 13, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Environment, Politics, Religion.

     Monsters and Critics writes on the belief of some Southern Baptists that the recent spate of successful books critical of religious beliefs shows that Christianity is being successful. They view these books as the act of a desperate movement, their ever-present bogeyman, secularism. I can’t help but believe that what they really mean is the success of their particular kind of Christianity, including a rejection of concepts such as evolution. They are quite gleeful about this success, of course. But I think that it is entirely possible that they are reading it wrong and that these books and their success just might be an indicator that the ever-swinging pendulum of social movement might be just about as far as it will go in their direction.

     After all, the Southern Baptist Convention just decided to take the Bush Administration position on global warming today. And some people are getting tired of what they view as excessively political and narrow-minded churches, taking stands that the SBC and Family Research Council detest.

     I can hope, can’t I?



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