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No one really hates to say I told you so. June 18, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Business & Society, Economics, Government.

Including me. So when I saw this in the local news today it was just proof of my opinion concerning the old “The illegal immigrants just take jobs Americans don’t want.” saw. Didn’t roofing and similar construction trades used to be jobs that paid middle class wages? I seem to remember my father working in construction and knowing people who worked in construction who weren’t close to wealthy but certainly could afford to own a home, car and send their kids to college. How many jobs that used to do that don’t anymore? How anyone can say that illegal immigration can’t put downward pressure on wages is beyond me. But of course I’m one of those oddballs who has severe distrust of the accuracy of the official unemployment numbers.



1. double-soup tuesday - June 21, 2007

With the death of unions we have this. I’m not a huge fan of unions (corruption and all), but they serve the purpose of protecting the middle class when others don’t.

PS: You’re not the only one that doesn’t trust the official labor and economics numbers.

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