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Here we go again. June 23, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Environment, Politics, Science.

Once again someone who has clearly made up his mind on the issue of climate change writes an article that has the deniersphere tapping their keyboards gleefully.  Unfortunately for them the paper is not even written by a climatologist. Mr. Patterson is a geologist. Also notice that this article is not appearing in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is in the Financial Post, a paper owned by Conrad Black and it has a rather unapologetic conservative political agenda. This is where someone who is criticizing the political agenda of people who think AGW is proven writes to prove he is the apolitical one in this debate?

In addition he brings into the article claims by Henrik Svensmark which are very far from being considered settled science. What do these people ignore when it comes to the AGW debate?

Even though they should know better they ignore the very basic physics and chemistry of carbon dioxide. It has been known to be a greenhouse gas that can affect temperature for over a century. The basic physics and chemistry are well known. The question is not whether it contributes to the warming of our planet but rather how much other factors might mitigate it and how much we are going to contribute to carbon dioxide’s warming effect by our actions that increase its quantity and by changing the factors that could mitigate against that warming increasing too much for our current social structures to deal with.

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1. Chris Eyton - June 24, 2007

Just to clarify some mistakes – the Financial Post is a section of the National Post, not a stand-alone paper. The National Post has not been owned by Conrad Black for a number of years. It was bought by the Aspers of Winnipeg who are card-carrying members of the Liberal Party of Canada, the same Liberal Party that signed the Kyoto Accord and then did nothing (under then-environment minister now Liberal leader, Stephane Dion) to implement it during all their years in power.

2. Jim Satterfield - June 24, 2007


Thanks for reading and then correcting my mistakes. You are completely correct about the change in ownership of the parent paper, the National Post. But just as I missed the change in ownership when I was first reading up on the Financial Post, you’ve missed some of the details about everything that’s gone on with it as well. From the Wikipedia history of the National Post:

Politically, the Post has retained a conservative editorial stance under the Aspers’ ownership, but has become markedly less strident. The Asper family has long been strong supporters of the Liberal Party, though they have always had libertarian leanings. Izzy Asper was once leader of the Liberal Party in his home province of Manitoba. The Aspers had controversially fired the publisher of the Ottawa Citizen, Russell Mills, for calling for the resignation of Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien.

However, the Post – careful to retain the loyalty of its conservative readers – endorsed the Conservative Party of Canada in the 2004 election when Fraser was editor. The Conservatives narrowly lost that election to the Liberals. After the election, the Post surprised many of its conservative readers by shifting its support to the victorious Liberal government of prime minister Paul Martin, and was highly critical of the Conservatives and their leader, Stephen Harper. The paper switched camps again in the runup to the 2006 election (in which the Conversatives won a minority government). During the election campaign, David Asper appeared publicly several times to endorse the Conservatives.

So my initial point about the fact that it is after all, a conservative newspaper and not a peer-reviewed scientific journal seems to stand.

3. Idetrorce - December 15, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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