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Petty Concerns July 3, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Government, Politics, The Bush Administration, What is Justice?.

I won’t bother providing a link to any one story. Anyone who follows the news at all knows that President Bush has announced that he believes that a sentence 6 months under the maximum allowed for by federal sentencing guidelines is just too harsh for Scooter Libby. So his sentence has been commuted so he won’t serve a single day in prison. Bush couldn’t wait and maybe let him serve a month for perjury in an important investigation. No, no. Far too harsh for such an upstanding citizen. Well, maybe a week just to show that the Bush administration doesn’t consider itself above the law. Nope. How could someone of such delicate sensibilities as an aide to Dick Cheney survive that interminable sentence? Maybe he could report in for a day? Just one little overnight visit to a nice minimum security place near Washington, where a well-paying job with a conservative think tank or lobbying firm awaits on his release from a grueling incarceration? Just to make it look good? No, the wisdom of American conservatism, that bastion of hard core belief in law and order is that a Republican who committed perjury called for a pardon but even GWB wouldn’t go that far just now and pardon Libby. But he did make certain that not one day would be spent in jail by such a loyal apparatchik. But these are petty concerns, meaningless in the greater scheme of American political life.

Let’s move on to something much more important. Who’s starting the betting pools on how soon after the November 2008 election that complete pardon will be announced?



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