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Oil Industry Venality on Display August 5, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Business & Society, Economics, Government, Politics, Uncategorized.

Also in this morning’s Star was an op-ed on oil company hypocrisy concerning their refusal to install equipment to handle the hot fuel issue. For those who might not be aware of this, it is a simple fact of physics/chemistry that when liquids or gases are heated they take up more volume. this applies to pretty much everything much less volatile liquids like gasoline. So when you buy gasoline on a day like today around here, when it’s going to reach 96°F and it’s been that warm for days, you are in reality getting less actual fuel for your vehicle than the pumps are measuring out since it measures by volume. The oil companies scream loudly about the idea of replacing pumps with ones that can adjust to account for this fact. They say that it would cost too much. Customers aren’t really being hurt by it. The litany is long.

A commenter on the article said that he just doesn’t see where there is any hypocrisy involved. Apparently he missed the very telling part about oil company operations in Canada. There they do not complain about pumps that adjust for temperature at all. In Canada, where the temperature differential has to do with “cold” fuel instead of “hot” fuel the pumps work in their financial favor instead of hurting their customers. Hypocritical, indeed.


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