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False Claims and False Parity August 6, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Business & Society, Environment, Government, Politics.

I agree with the scientific consensus that global warming is real and that much of it is caused by human activities. With that out of the way I will also note that I often see on blogs a huge spectrum of denial of that concept. Some say that it must be natural cycles. They somehow never consider that the climatologists that disagree with them are far more aware of what contributes to natural cycles of warming and cooling than they are. People just can’t do enough to this huge complex planet to affect its climate is another favorite. It never occurs to them that over six billion people, many of whom live in a technological society that has a huge appetite for energy and use sources for that energy that affect the environment can do a heck of a lot to a planet as time goes by. And they have help. Lots of help. Newsweek writes an extensive piece about the organized and well funded global warming denier industry.

 And the false parity part? As is noted in the Newsweek article it is an unfortunate failing of huge numbers of what currently passes for journalists to follow a lazy way of being “fair and balanced” or objective. Just find someone who disagrees with the overwhelming weight of evidence provided by research, which is easy to do with the denier industry that has grown up and report what they say without ever researching if it approaches being accurate. Don’t check what their real credentials are or where their funding comes from if it might bring their objectivity into question. That isn’t objective reporting. Objective reporting means you report on what the climatologists report and if someone says they disagree you ask for their proof and have that proof reviewed by other scientists. Note the plural. Gee, that might take some time and effort. Maybe real staffs that might cut the profit margin some. We can’t have that, can we?



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