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A goal the free market has no interest in September 3, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Business & Society, Technology.

Does anyone else remember reading articles about how the internet was going to save rural communities because anyone could live anywhere if their job could be done remotely? And that companies could locate there because they would still have modern communications? PC World has an article entitled Rural U.S.: Doomed to Dial-Up? that shows the weakness in that belief. Basically the telecom companies have no interest in serving rural areas and small towns because the profit margin they require in today’s business environment just isn’t there. And with the continuing decrease in rural population in many areas it’s only going to get worse.



1. Pete Abel - September 4, 2007

Not entirely, true. Our company provides up to 10 Mbps downloads in towns as small as a few thousand people, and in some areas a few hundred people. In fact, our 1.4 million customers live primarily in smaller towns and rural areas.

2. Around The ‘Sphere Sept. 8, 2007 » The Moderate Voice - September 8, 2007

[…] The Internet Will Save Rural Communities – or will it? […]

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