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Welfare, Child Support and what too few know December 1, 2007

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Government, Politics.

Lots of single mothers, whether they are such because of their children’s illegitimacy or divorce have a hard time financially. It’s a commonly known item of our social and political environment. The public funds that the poorest among them receive hardly constitute a fortune and is basically barely enough to scrape by. The politicians who like to preach against welfare rail against the fathers who aren’t helping provide support They then pass laws to help track these men down and get the child support they should be paying from them, generally making it seem that they care about these women and children. But they don’t force the men to send money to the mother of their child(ren), they collect the money. And keep it. Yes, they keep it in order to reimburse the government for the welfare the mother and children received. The mother might get part of it but if they are receiving public assistance it won’t be all of the funds or even most of them as the New York Times points out today. What’s wrong with sending these funds on the the families, maybe keeping a small part of it to help defray expenses? I think it would be the better approach.



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