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I Decided. Have You? January 27, 2008

Posted by Jim Satterfield in 2008 Presidential Campaign.

After thinking about it a great deal I’ve decided who will get my vote on “Super Tuesday”. Barack Obama. I don’t appreciate the direction that the Clinton campaign has taken lately and as much as parts of what John Edwards says appeal to me I don’t consider his campaign to have a realistic chance at this time. But…should the worse happen I still think Senator Clinton is a better choice than any Republican.



1. Voter - February 2, 2008

Good stuff. Can you cast your vote here: http://www.whatifweallvoted.com

Votes from IPs in the US do not count in the main poll, but they do count in country level results. Please pass this link to your friends outside the US who don’t get to vote on Tuesday.


2. Liberal hater. - February 3, 2008

Yes, I have decided, long ago, to always vote against any Democrat who is running.

3. Jim Satterfield - February 3, 2008

Interesting. And a rather sad choice for a name since it indicates a pride in hating an entire group of people based on their disagreement with your chosen set of political ideas. I used to vote purely on the basis of the individual candidate. Then came the Religious Right, followed soon by the current power structure of the Republican Party. I can’t vote for a Republican until there are many changes in their party and I honestly don’t expect to live to see the day.

4. runasim - February 17, 2008

I’m torn.
On the one hand, I think Hillary and Bill Clinton are being victimized by a highly prejudiced press and commentary. Certainly, they have faults, but who doesn’t? But when every word they speak is followed by wild speculation about their evil motives for it, things have gone too far. Part of me wants to stick with Hillary in the interests of fair play, although I have doubts about the wisdom of incurring the inevitale worst practices reaction by the Republicans.
Obama appears to be a hgihly intelligent and honorable man. He is much too vague on details, however. How does he plan to achieve the unity he preaches while railing against the current crop of Republcans at the same time?
Obama is too much chrisma for my comfort. I don’t want to adore my president; I want to support his plan of action. What does his ‘unity’ look like when it hits the ground?

I’m torn.

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