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About That Wonderful, Honest Free Market Health Care System… February 17, 2008

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Business & Society, Health Care, Health Insurance.

The New York Times reports on an investigation by New York state AG Andrew Cuomo that has uncovered what appears to be a rigged system to determine the “reasonable and customary” rates charged by health care providers. The determination is made by a company named Ingenix and is used by insurers to determine payments made by insurance companies when customers have to see doctors outside of the insurers’ networks. The problem is that Ingenix is owned wholely by UnitedHealth Group. Golly gee, there’s no room for a possibility of abuse, is there? Cuomo not only thinks there is but has done investigations that seem to show that abuse has been taking place. What a shock.



1. rdan - February 19, 2008

Good catch Jim. We need reminding. When I get to blogroll eits you go on the list.

2. rdan - February 19, 2008

As you can see my d key is still stuck.

3. Tully - March 8, 2008

Good catch, Jim.

I keep saying we have the finest for-profit healthcare system in the world. It’s absolutely unequalled at producing profits.

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