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Sarah Palin Tells Alaska Secessionists to “Keep up the good work.” September 1, 2008

Posted by Jim Satterfield in 2008 Presidential Campaign, Politics.
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TPM points out that there is a political party in Alaska that believes it should secede from the United States and Sarah Palin quite possibly has ties to them. At a minimum she recorded a video while governor congratulating them on their convention this year and saying they should keep up the good work. They have it posted on their web site.



1. K - September 6, 2008

If there is a group in Alaska that truly wants to secede then they should not have to appease the regimes in America to achieve this. Land, resources, and natural forces that are in no way tied to the idol bashing regime of the bible or this republican machine that is the true poison to the world.

We should DARE to keep these maggots off of our streets and we shouldn’t have to ask a maggot attempting to kill us slowly for our freedoms.

2. Jim Satterfield - September 6, 2008

I take it you think that Alaska should secede, K?

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