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DBD isn’t a Panacea September 13, 2008

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Energy, Technology.

The chant rang loudly at the Republican National Convention. Drill, baby, drill. Whether accurate or not, the impression is given when you turn an idea into a repetitious chant that it is your only answer. Be careful when you do that. But here is a decent article from Scientific American taking a look at the issue.

The article notes that much of the discussion is based on old data from surveys done with older, less accurate equipment and there is no motivation for expensive surveys with newer equipment in areas where drilling is currently banned. There is no motivation in their opinion for either the government or private industry to do these kind of surveys. But it occurs to me that in fact doing just that would be a great thing for the government to do. If we are currently working off of old (or even non-existent) data there would be few things better for the government to do than to find an old survey location, run a new one and compare the two. Just one wouldn’t do it, of course but how many of these tests would be a good baseline for comparison of the old systems with the new could be determined by a panel of experts from government, industry and academia.



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