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Wait…I want to vote for someone named Nixon? October 12, 2008

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Missouri politics, Politics.

The governor’s race here in Missouri is between Kenny Hulshoff and Jay Nixon. Nixon has been the Missouri AG since 1992. Hulshoff has been in the U.S. House of Representatives representing a dominantly rural area of NE Missouri. Attack ads and claims have been flying. Our current governor, Matt Blunt is the son of Roy Blunt, the current House Republican Whip. The nut didn’t fall very fall from the tree in this case and I remain convinced that Matt wants to be GWB when he grows up. But he announced in January that he wouldn’t be running for re-election. This wasn’t all that shocking given that his approval numbers match Dubya’s low numbers.

So the question became for me was Hulshoff like Blunt, just another hardcore extreme party loyalist. So I looked up his voting record in the House. I was not impressed. So far as I could tell Hulshoff never met an environmental bill that he wouldn’t vote against. The rest of his record was just as “outstanding”. According to govtrack.us Hulshoff is a “rank-and-file Republican”. That’s not what we need right now, someone who at the state level would be even more of a continuation of the current status quo than McCain as President.



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