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Reform Abuse July 12, 2011

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On the drive home I heard a Republican member of the House defending the Republican position on revenues. Their position is to claim that they don’t believe in any increases in revenue for the government but will support tax reforms. So far as I’ve been able to tell that means, in effect, more tax cuts. How is that supposed to help with the deficit? Why, didn’t you know that any and all tax cuts create job? The magic tax cuts will stimulate the economy enough to create growth that will fix the deficit when combined with spending cuts for everyone except the Pentagon. At least that’s what the Republicans seem to take as an article of faith. But I don’t go to that church and I don’t know of any economists who aren’t political hacks who go there either.


Obama’s New Plan for NASA – Some Different Sources April 18, 2010

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Whenever there is a major announcement by an American President concerning important government programs, pretty much all of the media jumps in with coverage. President Obama recently made some major changes in plans for NASA and the normal script was followed. But when it comes to some things maybe people who are a bit more interested in the subject and therefore hopefully more knowledgeable on the subject should be found. So here are some articles on the plan from lesser know outlets.



A theoretical astrophysicist’s blog on ScienceBlogs

Bad Astronomy blog

My opinion is that a lot of what President Obama laid out are very good ideas. But I still think that doing some really original research on a new approach to returning to the moon would be a very good idea.

Prove me right, shame on you April 18, 2010

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Look I know that I’ve criticized Republicans for living in the past, but really, this guy is at least in the 20th Century with his misconceptions.

So Much for Health Care Reform January 10, 2009

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Tom Daschle is promising that health care reform will be truly bipartisan. If by this he means that he won’t be pushing for anything that the Republicans won’t sign up for then meaningful reform that will help the uninsured in this country is dead. The Republicans in the House and Senate will never go along with anything that doesn’t protect the current profit levels (If not even more.) of the insurance companies, the large publicly held hospital chains and the pharmaceutical industry. Given those limitations you cannot accomplish anything that will really help. All you have to do in order to understand that is read the position expressed by Senator Michael Enzi R-WY. What’s really important? Not the uninsured. Not cost control. Not the health of millions of Americans. It’s the insurance companies.

“Any new insurance coverage must be delivered through private insurance plans,” said Senator Michael B. Enzi, Republican of Wyoming and his party’s ranking member on the Health committee, in prepared comments for the hearing, the panel’s first session of the year.

There’s some real caring and compassion for you. Care for corporations, that is.

What Passes for Knowledge for Too Many Republicans October 13, 2008

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The NYT writes about the source of many of the GOP claims about Barack Obama. It’s really beyond sad that so many people fall for this stuff.

Wait…I want to vote for someone named Nixon? October 12, 2008

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The governor’s race here in Missouri is between Kenny Hulshoff and Jay Nixon. Nixon has been the Missouri AG since 1992. Hulshoff has been in the U.S. House of Representatives representing a dominantly rural area of NE Missouri. Attack ads and claims have been flying. Our current governor, Matt Blunt is the son of Roy Blunt, the current House Republican Whip. The nut didn’t fall very fall from the tree in this case and I remain convinced that Matt wants to be GWB when he grows up. But he announced in January that he wouldn’t be running for re-election. This wasn’t all that shocking given that his approval numbers match Dubya’s low numbers.

So the question became for me was Hulshoff like Blunt, just another hardcore extreme party loyalist. So I looked up his voting record in the House. I was not impressed. So far as I could tell Hulshoff never met an environmental bill that he wouldn’t vote against. The rest of his record was just as “outstanding”. According to govtrack.us Hulshoff is a “rank-and-file Republican”. That’s not what we need right now, someone who at the state level would be even more of a continuation of the current status quo than McCain as President.

Striking Back the Right Way October 5, 2008

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For several days the McCain plan to go more negative in his ads and tell even more lies has been in the news. I was really pleasantly surprised to find this article about how the Obama campaign plans to strike back. Their plan? Be straightforward about what the McCain campaign is doing and call them on it in ads.

The Real Crime October 1, 2008

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Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars writes for the Michigan Messenger about the reality of the accusations the GOP makes against ACORN. Let’s face it, the real crime committed by ACORN that enrages those on the Right who vilify them is that they are (whisper it now) liberal. They actually try to do something for the poor in our country instead of just blaming each and every one of them for their circumstances and looking down on them.

Tough Questions for Palin September 30, 2008

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Andrew Sullivan notes the tough questioning the right wing media can be counted on to confront Sarah Palin with.

Reagan’s Assumption September 28, 2008

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One of my Firefox gadgets is for Quote of the Day. Here is one of the ones that it came up with today.

The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them away.
Ronald Reagan

Notice the assumption there that the only value held by anyone is greed. Is there supposed to be no one who might care about something called the public good? Not in Republican Land, apparently.

And…I think we can see where the brilliant minds hired by business have gotten us now, can’t we?