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Obama’s New Plan for NASA – Some Different Sources April 18, 2010

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Politics, Science, Science & Society, Space Program.
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Whenever there is a major announcement by an American President concerning important government programs, pretty much all of the media jumps in with coverage. President Obama recently made some major changes in plans for NASA and the normal script was followed. But when it comes to some things maybe people who are a bit more interested in the subject and therefore hopefully more knowledgeable on the subject should be found. So here are some articles on the plan from lesser know outlets.



A theoretical astrophysicist’s blog on ScienceBlogs

Bad Astronomy blog

My opinion is that a lot of what President Obama laid out are very good ideas. But I still think that doing some really original research on a new approach to returning to the moon would be a very good idea.


Prove me right, shame on you April 18, 2010

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Does Not Compute, Politics, Space Program.
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Look I know that I’ve criticized Republicans for living in the past, but really, this guy is at least in the 20th Century with his misconceptions.