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Yes, I Remember the Blog is Here May 27, 2008

Posted by Jim Satterfield in Geek Stuff, This Blog.
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It’s been far too long since I posted anything here and I sincerely hope to do better. But…real life and other things can get in the way if you let them. I rebuilt a computer about six months ago for someone and then the hard drive in it decided to go into a coma about six weeks ago. Given I wasn’t sure why this nice new drive had decided to forget everything it had been fed I did a bit of research and found that this particular case/power supply combination had some bad capacitors in some of the power supplies. Just in case I replaced the power supply and the hard drive, did a clean install of XP and then started trying to recover data without spending a fortune. In the end the most successful recovery software was Partition Find and Mount. It’s free to use if you’re patient but I wasn’t so I paid my $43.95 for the upgrade to Pro.

Before finding this utility at one point I was weak and impatient and after not getting all the data I needed with the first 4 or 5 attempts even took the drive (in an enclosure) and a drive to copy the data to over to the nearby Best Buy. Guess what? Nothing. Not one bit of data. At least they didn’t charge me for their failure. If I wanted to give them a second chance they would have charged me over $500 and would ship the drive to their main shop. No, thanks.